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New Showroom Location:

The Chimney Doctor, Inc/Shorefire Fireplaces has moved to 201 School House Lane, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210!!

Saffire "3 in 1" Grill - See images in our Gallery

"Saffire "3 in one" Grill is perhaps the best value product in the market. It can be used a s a high temperature grill (up to 700 degrees F), a slow cooker (as low as 200 degrees F) and a pizza oven (as the top dome gets hot, it cooks like a regular wood-fired pizza oven). Controlled temperature is the real key when considering outdoor or indoor cooking. The air flow system on Saffire gives the best heat control of any product on the market. With it's heavy ceramic, two layer construction and heavy duty gasketing, Saffire is unmatched in retaining heat. Consequently, you use much less fuel than regular grills while actually producing a moister, less constricted (dried out) piece of meat. Simply, the meat tastes better. Another benefit from Saffire's heat retention is the limited amount of air needed, eliminating flair ups when cooking."

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Shore Fire is the exclusive dealer for Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces and Bake-ovens in New Jersey. We are a family that is dedicated to bringing the joy of radiant heat into your home. The tradition of soapstone fireplaces is centuries old. Let us help you bring this ancient treasure to your hearth & heart.

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